Other Services 

By working with the best people, offering the widest choice and using the latest technology Eden cinemas creates and exciting cinema environment that makes every experience memorable. Have a browse through the many services available and find out more on what we have to offer.

      Contact us for any queries: +35623710400 cinema@edenleisure.com

Event Sponsorship

Eden Cinemas is dedicated to delivering the ultimate movie premieres on the island for some of Hollywood's biggest blockbusters. 

From transforming our venue to a family's Disney haven for the latest Disney release, to girly evenings full of saucy surprises for a highly anticipated chick flick, to classy 007 themed events for the most recent Bond movie, we create a truly unique and memorable experience, embedding the sponsoring brands in the cinemagoers journey. 

Eden Cinemas has become an entertainment hub, offering a lot more than just movies, such as regular stand up comedy nights, live broadcasts from the Royal Opera House, on-screen exhibitions and live acts of internationally renowned artists. Sponsorship of these events is also a possibility, giving you the opportunity to tap into a whole new market.

We work closely with our sponsors in ensuring they get maximum exposure throughout the build up of the event and during the event. Contact us to find out what upcoming events we have in store for our audience and how you can get involved.




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